Don't You Think it's Time to Use Everything You Got? 

You have so much to offer! 

You have the knowledge, the experience and the passion to make our wonderful travel industry: 

  •  More Flexible 

So we can integrate work into our life, rather than just living for our work.

  •  More Supportive

So we can put a good day's work in without feeling guilty for logging off on time​.

  •  More Sustainable

So we can ensure our own health, that of our customers and do our bit to save the planet. 

...and keep it as fun and social as we love it to be! 

A wonderful experience that taught me how to slow down and use my time wisely. I’m grateful for Claudia for sharing her wonderful insights on making each day count.

Lorraine Sileo, SVP Travel Research

What's Stopping You?

Should I have a guess?  

If you're anything like me these reasons might hold true for you, too: 

  •  It's still an Old-Boys Club, really!

I look around me and there are so many fabulous women, but when I look at the top jobs it's always men.  

  •  Big Brother is watching!

I'm constantly afraid to be judged for logging off on time or working flexible hours. 

  •  I love my colleagues! 

Honestly, my colleagues are what makes the job worth keeping.

Look, only you can change your career and your life. Only you can make the decision whether you want to grow and develop or stagnate and freeze.

- You're reading this, so my guess is you do want that change! 

There's More to You than Meets the Eye

Only 20% of an iceberg are above the waterline; 80% are below - and that's caused the horrific accident of the Titanic in 1912. 

You have a lot more to offer in your career and life than you currently show! 

All of your beliefs, values and experiences are part of below-the-surface; the integral part of what makes you! 

Ready to find out more? 

You and I are so  


We can choose to learn and grow in our careers and our lives. 


Not everyone has the power to do that. 


That’s why when you invest in yourself through our coaching, you’re also supporting those suffering from stress and anxieties. Because with every purchase you make, we donate a portion to the charity Mind - for better mental health. 

Do Your Magic.


Cotsworld, United Kingdom

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