You can live the life of your dreams: all it takes is balance, trust and purpose. Join me to make your fairy-tale come true.


My Story

My own experience of how I found my magic and decided to offer a helping hand on a year-long journey to change your future for the better. More.


Spell your life

Let me help you to find balance, enable you to discover your magic within, and spell out your dream. More.



I’m passionate about the ways I can transform lives and am regularly sharing blogs on the subject. Find the collection here. More.

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“Claudia’s coaching is unique and powerful. Her holistic approach has real transformational power. Somehow, it got to the very heart of who I am. I found the programme easily accessible, challenging and inspiring. As a result, I have changed some of my habitual behaviours and taken more risks. I am opening myself up to new and different opportunities. I can highly recommend Claudia, particularly if you are looking to think differently and want to move your life in a new and more fulfilling direction.”

Jude Elliman, Director – Listening Partnership Ltd