Live the Life You Want!
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Gain Clarity for

Your Journey

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Live the Life You Want

Are you compromising your life for work?

Are you constantly busy without achieving anything?

Does your life look pretty perfect from the outside?


You’ve got the successful career, money in the bank, the house and the car?


But too often you have to cancel friends and family because work calls?


Everyone says they understand and how fabulous it is you hold such an important position.


But all you feel is the loneliness and disconnection from life. 

You know the world has many problems.

You don’t even pretend to know the answers.

But you’d like to find some - and make change happen.

Are you feeling conflicted?


Torn between polar opposites:


  • Work vs. Family

  • Success vs. Purpose


  • Influence & Power vs. Health & Well-being? 


Are you actually neglecting yourself? Trying to please everyone else in the room? 

How long can you go on like this? 

People today are more connected and aware of nature and her impact on our health, well-being and peace – individually, but also collectively on the world’s stage.

Claudia Unger, Spell your Life

Self Discovery

Explore your past, your values and decisions.  In your own time and space - make your discoveries and design your future.

Voyage of Reflection

Reflect on your course work with coaching sessions to dive 

deeper and drive lasting change. Stay strong on your journey.

Happily Ever After

Transform your life and follow your dreams. Walk together with Claudia on your custom coaching experience that'll last a lifetime. 

Live the Life You Want!
Mar 05, 7:00 PM
Cherington Village Hall

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This is a wonderful program that has changed my mind-set. I am more aware of my environment and thoughtful about my choices.


Sr Vice President 

Can highly recommend Spell your Life. Claudia is a very experienced coach, and this course has made a huge difference. Thank you for the insight and opportunity.


Finance Manager

It is making me really think and ask myself important questions.

Thank you!