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Cotsworld, United Kingdom



You're here because you know that work-life balance and satisfaction are important; and because you know that there is something else out there waiting for your discovery.


You’ve come  to the right place. 


Our story is to challenge your unfulfilled dreams. A story that no longer needs to lead to stress, disappointment and disillusionment. We’re here to show you how to create balance in your life, trust yourself and discover your place in the universe (or corporate travel). 


Right now it’s work first and life second, but you wish the work bit was more fulfilling? 


If this is your story it touches a nerve with me because it reminds me of my own some years ago. I used to feel trapped by decisions other people made and frustrated by not being able to bring about change.





Life tends to hit us over the head time and time again until we learn the lessons we’re trying to avoid.


It hurts.


And too often we wonder how we always end up in these situations.

Here at Spell Your Life we know the feeling, including the pain and exasperation of ‘doing it again’.


To break this cycle, we’ll go through those lessons with you – right by your side – so that you trust yourself and understand why this is important for your life.


You’ll learn how to stand rooted in your dreams. So much so that you won’t follow any diversions because you’ll know exactly what you want out of life.


You already have everything within for your happily ever after.


Your work should fit around your life; not the other way around.




During my own journey some years ago, I was given a beautiful picture book called ‘The Lost Words’ by Jackie Morris. It’s a book about words like ‘otter’ and ‘bramble’ that are gradually disappearing from our children's dictionaries and being replaced with other words like Pokémon.

Alongside Cambridge Professor, Robert MacFarlane, she decided to craft the book to raise awareness of the changes and keep those words alive in the hearts and minds of children (and adults). 


As well as the book, I also received an invitation to hear Jackie Morris speak. I went along on a cold winter evening and as she explained how the writing and illustration had come to life, she uttered the word ‘spell’.


And I had a tiny epiphany.


I realised that ‘spell’ can have two different meanings: the first is to gain clarity; and the second is to do your magic.


I loved the idea of those two meanings combined and Spell your Life was born. 


Because you need clarity around your goals and purpose in life for your journey and connection to your soul to manifest them.