Meditation in Nature

How to transform your life

Using the power of the mind

Open your internet browser, your favourite magazine or the newspaper, and you’re immediately confronted with adverts telling you how to transform your body. Losing weight, toning up, eating healthy; creams to make you look 10 years younger (or more), make-up to hear him (or her) say ‘wow’, clothes to hide behind and clothes to show off in.  

All of it cleverly crafted to make you:

  • Doubt yourself
  • Create a need you didn’t know you had (nor really need)
  • Feed your insecurities

You know this, of course, and yet it’s difficult to completely ignore the adverts and go back to what you know is right for you: the clothes in your wardrobe, the 10,000 steps you take every day, the meals you cook for yourself, the products you use for your body. But you’re made to feel as if this isn’t enough. As if you’re not enough.

Yes, it’d be amazing if there was something out there that would give it all to you: beautiful hair, face, nails, feet, and body.

And you know what? There is!

It’s you!

Or rather your mind, working in alignment with your soul.


True story: you have the power to get the results the adverts are tempting you with (without necessarily buying all those products).

Let me tell you two of my own stories of transformation to show you easy and yet difficult this is:

Face transformation: getting rid of acne

As I’m typing this blog, finding the right words to put down, my hand wanders up to my forehead to check for any ‘imperfections’. Once found, I start plucking at the little hairs with my fingernails, creating more discomfort, pain and (you guessed it) imperfections. One of those vicious circles that’s so hard to break. I’ve tried all the products from natural to nasty, yet none seem to give any real relief.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve started to look for other causes of constant breakouts: yes, my hands certainly play a part, but I was wondering if I could help the body heal itself better. I found that I have leaky gut syndrome and that’s being mirrored on my skin. With that in mind, I’ve slowly started to reintroduce chicken into my diet (I’ve been vegetarian for more than 20 years) and made some other changes. It’s helping and I’m already seeing progress.

Body transformation: Slimming down

This one I’ve ‘completed’, or at least I’m super happy to fit into 28-inch jeans! For years and years, I had issues with my weight and body shape and hearing my ex say “Don’t eat that unless you want me to look at other women” certainly didn’t help my confidence.

About two years ago, I started running and took up an interest in nutrition. I switched to a vegetarian primal lifestyle (no carbs, mostly vegetables and nuts, yoga and pilates, and playing with the dogs).

I dropped from a size 32 to a 28 in jeans and from dress size 12 to a very comfortable 10. The best part? I feel amazing, and I love the food I eat. And I don’t strictly keep to the diet: ice cream for dessert is not unheard of.

So, why can I have the most amazing body, but not the beautiful face?

I can have both, of course. It’s a matter of aligning my mind and soul with the transformation I’m seeking. I need to take actions to support my willingness, in this case: keep my fingers off of my face. And I need to keep believing it’ll happen and be better than I ever thought it would be. I can’t wait to tell you, very soon, how I’ve got on!

What are you wanting to transform? What is holding you back? I’d love to hear your story! DM me on instagram (@spellyourlife), email me ( or call if you prefer to talk (07867 350122).

Much love,
Claudia, Your Fairy Godmother xx