Dream LIfe

Living Your Happily Ever After

People often wonder what I do for a living. They see me out at all times, mostly walking the dogs, but also enjoying a coffee in one of the lovely cafés. And drinking a glass of white on a summer evening in the pub. I’m known to many in town, as well as those passing through on a morning commute. I’m smiling at everyone. Wishing good days, enquiring about the family, exchanging pleasantries. And there’s always that wondering question in their eyes: what does she do?

I tell you the secret: I’m living my happily ever after. Yes, that’s right: I’m living a fairy-tale life.

I’m part of the Disney generation: growing up with stories that had happy endings. Although, thanks to my parents, I also know the original versions: the trials and tribulations faced by the characters, challenges that needed to be overcome, behavioural changes needed to be made. Also, the warnings and morals of what happens when we don’t follow our life’s purpose.
But even if I knew the stories, I took them as just that: stories. Nothing to do with my own life. So, I went after a corporate career, enjoying the benefits this brings and the lovely colleagues and friends I made – not to mention the amazing trips I took. All the while, something was nagging away at me. Something seemed to be saying ‘this isn’t it, there’s something else you should do’.

Anyone who hears or heard these words inside themselves will be able to relate: it’s uncanny, discomforting. It’s a state of continuously doubting your own decisions, mistrusting yourself, trying to run after all options and focusing on none.

And finally, it clicked: I am in charge of my own life.

It’s my responsibility to live to the best of my abilities. Just like in the stories: I’m here to overcome the challenges, learn the lessons, and follow my purpose. There’s no one who is going to say ‘Claudia, here’s £1 million – now go and figure out your life’s purpose’. But there are a lot who say ‘Claudia, who cares about purpose? To live, you need to work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week and claim 20 holidays a year’. They are the ones wanting to ensure you don’t see the options for your life, because they quite like controlling your life for you.

In the end, I resigned from a successful corporate career because I was disillusioned and unfulfilled. I had no clear idea what to do next; but trusted in finding my life’s purpose. I went through a lot of self-help books, doing exercises, speaking to peers and slowly made my way. The first breakthrough was looking at my timeline and realizing how everything that had happened, had previously been played out in my mind. It was then I truly understood the power of the mind and how our thoughts become things.

Manifesting is real.

I just wished there was someone who had held my hand in the process, someone to discuss everything with as it bubbled up and more guidance and structure on what to work on.

Today, I do what I enjoy most: generating more love, happiness and wealth in my life and that of others, as well as sharing my experiences. I’m now able to offer a helping hand to women in a similar position: outwardly having it all – inwardly feeling there’s something missing.

I want more women to find their purpose and design their happily ever after. Because claiming this responsibility means you’ll be more balanced, trusting in your decisions and living your very own fairy-tale. You will also have more understanding for yourself and more compassion for others – playing your part in creating a more peaceful world.


If you have something nagging away at you, get in touch (claudia@spellyourlife.com) to find out how we can work together.


I can’t wait to see your fairy-tale come true.