How you talk to your Self

When you woke up this morning, what was your first thought? I hope it was something along the lines of ‘Yay! It’s another day, and I’m going to shine!’. And what about when you saw your reflection in the mirror this morning? Again, I hope it was something like ‘Wow, you’re looking gorgeous!’.

I fear it wasn’t. Most likely it was not so flattering. It might’ve been outright mean: ‘Ugh! Look at you, no wonder you’re single’. Or ‘Why bother? I’m working from home today, so no one is going to see me’.

You might also have gone through a list of various body ‘issues’: disappointed with your weight, frustrated with your hair, unhappy with your nose or chin, annoyed with your skin. Before you know it, you’ve scratched and squeezed, poked and prodded and created the ‘ugly’ face that was before only in your mind.


You know where I’m coming from because you’ve been there. And not only once.

A similar situation arises when you struggle to choose your clothes for the day because they’re too tight or too baggy or too frumpy or too boring. You judge yourself for everything, especially for being silly enough to buy clothing you know won’t fit (likely because one of the diet fads you tried told you to do just that – to have a goal to work towards).


If this is you – whether it’s a daily struggle or the odd occasion – you know how difficult it is to get out of the gloom that started the day.


And it doesn’t get any better when you turn on the computer. You sit there, coffee in hand, and browse the latest posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. You read endless ‘inspirational’ quotes around how this day will be the most perfect of all, how you’re beautiful on the inside (you snort slightly) and how your thoughts become things (great, I’m thinking of those Gucci boots I saw!!). You also see around 30-50 posts from friends, including shares and pictures. And don’t forget all the adverts that are thrown in between, disguised as coming from friends.

Within minutes you’ve seen pictures of people holidaying somewhere on the beach, people travelling on business to some cool city, people having a healthy breakfast, people looking great as they share their look of the day – and not forgetting those motivational quotes.

You’re by now wondering where you’re going wrong in your life. So you get up to take another look at the mirror, mindful of your thoughts (after all you read those quotes!) – but no. It’s not happening. You just can’t see beauty that (in your mind) isn’t there, and you just feel so… inadequate.

You sit down and start work. You get through your to-do list, and the progress picks up your mood a bit. By lunch, you’re more cheerful and get a ‘super-food’ salad (and a packet of crisps because salad on its own isn’t really that satisfying). After you eat, you stumble upon Facebook again, where your friend just posted the stats of a 40-minute lunch work out.


You wish you hadn’t had those crisps.


Quickly, you close the browser again and concentrate on work. But the thoughts are nagging away at you in the back of your mind: why did you have those crisps? You’re too fat anyway! And your skin! Honestly, shouldn’t you know by now? You must be stricter with yourself. You’re just not good enough and won’t ever be the beautiful swan you hoped to be.

In the evening, you do a bit of yoga with an app you downloaded. Having done nothing for a few weeks, it quickly starts to be uncomfortable, and you’re once more confirmed in your belief that you’re just not one of ‘them’ (you know who I mean!).

As you fall asleep, you remember the quote, ‘Thoughts become things’. And that’s true. You can think yourself beautiful. Just remember it as you get up in the morning and tell yourself ‘Wow, you’re looking gorgeous!’.


Are you guilty of talking negatively to yourself? Are you constantly judging yourself and comparing yourself to others? If you’re struggling to find anything positive to say to yourself, have a look at the Magic Mirror Experience. Or book an initial call with me to discuss how I can help you see the beautiful you inside!