7 mistakes

The 7 Mistakes of Living Life to the Full

How you’re your own worst enemy when designing your life

You know how it is: you make resolutions, promises to friends, families and spouses. You sign up for a marathon to ensure you’ll actually do it (otherwise why waste the money?). And you have the best intentions at heart to do all of the things you said you would. At least in that moment.
Then life just happens to run away.
But it doesn’t have to be that way: you can and should claim responsibility and keep the upper hand of your future!

Let’s take a look at the 7 most common mistakes we’re all guilty of sometimes, hindering us to live life to the full. Let’s get out of our own way and reclaim our future.

1. Dismissing achievements

You’ve got a Bachelor’s degree – maybe even a Master’s – and yet you think that’s just normal and nothing to write home about. Yes, these are big achievements, and you should give yourself credit for making them happen. The same applies for any other achievement: going out for a run, working through your to-do list, making that phone call you’ve been dreading. You’re often far too busy to give yourself credit for all the amazing things you do. This is partly because in our society we feel the need to be somewhat apologetic when things work out for us.

2. Being everything to everyone

You’re very good at ignoring your own needs and trying to be everything to everyone: the perfect daughter, wife (partner, girlfriend, or date), friend, mother, advisor, niece, cousin – and that’s only some of the roles in our family lives. You even try to be perfect customers, hikers, shoppers, cyclists, and many other things: going out of your way to be liked by all. Relax: not everyone has to like you; and you don’t have to like everyone. However, remember: everyone has to treat you with respect, and you have to do the same in return.

3. Blaming others

In your endeavour to be everything to everyone, you often turn angry or sad when your efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated. In consequence you blame others for their (perceived) ignorance and lack of care. It’s your blind spot: you’re so busy trying to second guess what goes on around you, making assumptions about the people we care for. And when those assumptions turn out to be wrong, you blame others for not ‘sticking to their script’. Be gentler on yourself and others and remind yourself that you only know one side of the story: your own.

4. Avoiding Truth

Similar to blaming others, avoiding the truth is another mistake you’re making in everyday life. You grow up learning within your home environment. What’s acceptable, what isn’t, and also how to react when something bad happens to you. You develop coping strategies from a young age and often use those throughout life without really knowing what you’re doing (or why). Truth can be hard to accept, but it’s worth the effort as you find more tolerance and openness for yourself and others.

5. Not accepting all of your self

While we’re on the subject of truth: you need to accept all of yourself. Including the imperfections – they make you who you are, and therefore, they make you perfect. You need to love yourself most of all: your body, your mind, and your soul. When you do, you can change learned behaviour that no longer serves you. Otherwise, you keep blaming yourself and others for not being good enough.

6. Comparing yourself (unfavourably) to others

It’s one we do far too often. Possibly every time you meet someone on the street. Comparing yourself to the other person. Without knowing their story, their environment and their life up till this point. The comparison is completely fraud. You are unique and beautiful. Putting yourself or others down doesn’t get you anywhere. Least of all to living life to the full.

7. Having too many wishes

The last big mistake you’re guilty of is having too many wishes. Yes, that’s right: I’m saying you’re having too many wishes! If I came up to you right now and said you could have anything you wanted, any ONE thing: what would it be? Could you name the one thing that’s top on your list of wishes?
Today, anything is possible and I’m a big believer in living the life of your wildest dreams. A wish, after all, is very much like a dream. But I see time and time again that people have too many wishes: so many they don’t know how to prioritize them. The obvious one for women: career or children? The obvious answer: both – but which comes first for you?

Remember you’re not alone: everyone makes these mistakes. It just happens. But when you become aware, you can change your thoughts. You can make a conscious decision to stay in the driver seat: design and live your happily ever after.

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