Claudia Unger

Claudia Unger

Fairy Godmother and Founder of Spell your LifeTM

Credits for founding Spell your Life go to Claudia Unger. She is making it her business to make the world more peaceful by enabling women to design and live their fairy-tale life. Read more of her story.

Since entering work life, Claudia has been immersed in development, service and sharing. From flight attendant, to lecturer and director of research, her roles have enabled her to focus on and understand people and their needs. This has continued during the last couple of years. She’s worked as independent consultant with a select few clients to align trends with realities within the travel space.

In her own life, developing herself and sharing her knowledge and experiences are extremely important. This lead to creating Spell your Life. A year-long life-coaching experience for women to design their happily ever after. During this journey together, participants create their own personal wisdom and magical spell, enabling them to create the life of their dreams.

Continuing her work with Claudia Unger Ltd, helping travel suppliers connect customer needs to industry trends, she is also part of Phocuswright’s Research Analysts. In 2016, she published her first book: Corporate Travel: Hiding in Plain Sight, which is now part of the tourism curriculum at universities around the globe.

Claudia is a well-known and welcome speaker at local and global events.

Sally Tanski

Executive Coach, External Adviser

Sally has spent over 25 years working with people to help them learn, grow and develop. She has worked in large corporate organisations, small SMEs and has also run her own business since 2001. Sally is a proud step parent to two resourceful, successful and, most importantly, happy adults. Thanks to this, she knows what “real life” is like, and can empathise with others as they juggle and often compromise to get things done and meet expectations.

Sally believes that the key to growth and development lies in understanding one’s self and others. She is fascinated by enabling people gain greater insights into their own unique make up to find ways to use their strengths, overcome obstacles and be their best self, more of the time. Her experience, inside and outside of work, has helped her to see that we all have “magic within”, and that with space and time, we can unlock this intuitive wisdom to help us create the life we want. Sally’s excited to be working with Spell your Life to enable others in creating the life of their dreams… and knows that in working with them, she will also grow and develop her self.