Clients share their feedback

Claudia’s coaching is unique and powerful. Her holistic approach has real transformational power. Somehow, it got to the very heart of who I am. I found the programme easily accessible, challenging and inspiring. As a result, I have changed some of my habitual behaviours and taken more risks. I am opening myself up to new and different opportunities. I can highly recommend Claudia, particularly if you are looking to think differently and want to move your life in a new and more fulfilling direction.

Jude Elliman, Director – Listening Partnership Ltd



Can highly recommend Spell your Life™. Claudia is a very experienced coach, and this course has made a huge difference. Thank you for the insight and opportunity.

Claire Mustoe, Finance Manager



Spell Your Life™ is a wonderful program that has changed my mind-set. I am more aware of my environment and thoughtful about my choices. The exercises help bring clarity into our world and encourage us to take a break from everyday life. This “time out” is an important element to finding the peace and balance we need to enjoy each day. Stop, think, listen is a great approach for all of us and Spell Your Life™ reinforces that lesson.

Lorraine Sileo, Senior VP, Research



I really like the way you mail the modules and the beautiful paper. I look forward to receiving these envelopes and will miss them ♥. They force us to take time to think about how we can improve ourselves (and ultimately how simple, attainable goals can change our lives if we just take the time to apply them).




The reading content was excellent and pointed out how we play mind games with ourselves and fall into negative patterns. The program has helped me reconnect with my positivity and the things that make me happy.




Time really flies: at the start I was slightly worried about committing to this for a whole year, but after 10 weeks I already notice a different in myself. Having two weeks for each module is also just the right amount of time to do the exercises and have time to reflect. This way the program easily fits my busy life and I can’t wait to get to the next part.