The story of Spell your Life™ is closely linked with my own. After resigning from a successful corporate career, feeling disillusioned and unfulfilled, I was running after anything that grabbed my interest. But there was nothing that fired up my passion. Until I thought about coaching and decided to book in with an experienced executive coach.

This is where I discovered my magic.

Some time during this journey, I got a book called ‘The Lost Words’ and went along to a presentation and lecture by the author (Jackie Morris). It was a cold evening, yet the tiny church in Beverston was packed. And while Jackie was telling her story, I had one of those magical aha moments: the meaning of the word ‘spell’. Naturally, I know the different meanings, but at that moment I was conscious of these standing side-by-side for the first time.

This is it, I thought: I can enable women to design and live their happily ever after.

Since then I’m developing Spell you Life™: designing the three courses, running group and individual sessions, as well as coaching long distance and supporting self-directed learning. All these experiences are flowing into the year-long program that you can join today to live your own fairy-tale life.

To do that, I take you through three stages: balance, trust and purpose.

During the journey we also cover five core areas for all of the stages, so you understand how these are connected.

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Soul
  • Movement
  • Nature

Focus (or lack of) on any of these has an impact on the others. It’s important to be aware of how these work for you and understand what helps you personally to get back on track.

I believe you have inner wisdom to guide and support you, your magic within. It often gets buried under the clamour of everyday life. Let me help you to bring balance into your life. Enable you to trust in your decisions and your decision making process. And find your life’s purpose to be a compass for everything you do in future.

I help you create your own magical spell – it’s up to you to use it.