Your Cinderella Story

Design – and live – your very own happily ever after!


You’re tired of how things aren’t working out for you. You’ve been doing everything by the book, yet success and living your dream seem to have turned into your worst nightmare. You’re ready to throw in the towel and believe those nay-sayers who mock anyone for thinking that they could live out their dreams.  

You’re running out of options. Grasping at every straw and hoping it’s going to provide you with the rescue line you need. You feel inadequate and don’t believe the life you dream of was meant for you.


Remember: It’s Your Life – Claim It!


Get your life back! Remember, it’s your life. No one else’s. So take responsibility and build up trust in your decision making. Running after every shiny new object – latest diet fad, night school course, starting a business – isn’t going to bring you happiness. Prince Charming isn’t going to deliver your life’s purpose on a silver platter. That’s all up to you!

I’ve worked with so many women who thought they’d be happy if only they met the right man, had the right job, earned the right amount of money, drove the right car… You know where I’m going with this: until you know your self, establish a balanced life, trust in your decisions and find your purpose, you’re not living your own life, and you won’t be satisfied. You need to get happy from the inside first!!

It’s time for you to regain control!

You wish you:

★ could be at peace with yourself

★ could enjoy life more at your own pace

★ were more relaxed about the unexpected in life

★ were more balanced

★ had an endless supply of energy

★ could trust in your decisions

★ were in control of your life: standing up for yourself and not letting others dictate you

★ knew your purpose

★ could start to live the dream


It’s time to design your Cinderella Story!

During this 12-month experience, you’ll receive:

★ An initial 30-minute call so we can confirm all the details and discuss the prep work you’ll need to do before your first session.

★ Your 3 Wishes parcel: lovingly created wish cards for you to keep and fill in.

★ Your Dream parcel: a beautifully designed poster with space for you to complete with your big dream. A loving reminder of what’s important in your life.

★ Your 20 modules: specially curated case studies of women who’ve already done this; the latest theories and research on the topics; stories with food for thought to help you find your own way; and exercises for you to complete in between modules and our coaching sessions.*

★ Twenty 60-minute coaching sessions during which we discuss the current module and how to integrate the exercises and learnings into your life: at the moment and for the long run.

★ A 30-minute follow-up call for you to ask any questions that have come up throughout the year and an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences after our work together.


You can design – and live – your happily ever after!


Your Cinderella Story – just £1970


After you purchase Your Cinderella Story, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to arrange our initial call.

In the meantime, why don’t you let your mind wander back to when you were growing up? What were all the incredible things that you promised yourself you’d do, achieve and have in your life?  


Are you excited to begin your happily ever after?


*6 of these 20 modules are comprised of material from Your Snow White Adventure and Your Magic Mirror Experience.