Your Fairy-Tale Beginning

Find inner balance and put yourself first!

You’re beginning your day with a to-do list, and you end it wondering how the list got even longer. You’re full to capacity trying to make everything possible for everyone – except yourself.  

You’re doing yoga and pilates – when you find the time. You generally eat well but often end up grabbing quick snacks to keep you going (mostly unhealthy). You get cross when things don’t go according to plan and delays mess with your (very tight) schedule. Sometimes you don’t know how you got through the day without exploding or imploding!

You desperately need to bring yourself back into balance.

Good news: this is totally fixable! You’re just trying to fulfil everyone’s wishes and have lost sight of your own. You’ve also forgotten that you need to be in balance and in your power to serve others. I’ve worked with lots of women just like you and have given them the tools and support to start putting themselves first.

You wish you:

★ could be at peace with yourself
★ could enjoy life more at a slower pace
★ were more relaxed about unexpected delays
★ were more balanced
★ had an endless supply of energy

It’s time for your fairy-tale beginning!

During this 12-week experience, you’ll receive:

★ An initial 20-minute call so we can confirm all the details and discuss the prep work you’ll need to do before your first session.
★ Your four modules: specially curated case studies of women who’ve already done this; the latest theories and research on the topics; stories with food for thought to help you find your own way; and exercises for you to complete in between modules and our coaching sessions.
★ Four 60-minute coaching sessions during which we discuss the current module and how to integrate the exercises and learnings into your life: at the moment and for the long run.
★ A 30-minute follow-up call for you to ask any questions that have come up since our last session and an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences after our work together.


There is time for you – you just have to make it!


Your Fairy-Tale Beginning – just £397



After you purchase Your Fairy-Tale Beginnings, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to arrange our initial call.

In the meantime, why don’t you start thinking about what you enjoy doing in your life? Until we speak, focus on the things you love to do and what you want to do more of.

Are you ready to make yourself a priority?